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WEBINAR: Using Adobe Products with Flexi



Using Adobe Products with Flexi – How to Set Up Each One So They Match Colors & More

WEBINAR: May 22, 2024 1 PM CST

Cost: $49

If you use Illustrator, Photoshop or any other Adobe product with Flexi, this webinar is for you!

Let’s take a little time to see how to set up both Adobe Photoshop and Flexi so the colors will match when transferring files from one to the other. Let’s also take a look at WHEN each should be used. Finally, Let’s see how to setup the best workflow for better printing & cutting on your wide format printer.

Who Should Attend?    Anyone using an Adobe product that also wants to use Flexi.

Why Should You Attend? Applying the steps we show in this webinar will result in a much better workflow as well as color matching.

What If You Can’t Attend? – Register Anyway. The webinar will be recorded and anyone who registers will receive a replay link.