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eCourses and online communities

While Adendo offers the best in live and onsite experts to assist you in solving issues and more, our eCourses and communities will allow you to gain valuable knowledge about your Flexi or EnRoute software as well as many other topics. Here we offer several courses of various lengths about Flexi. Our “Learn Flexi in 3-hours” course has just enough information to get anyone started in using Flexi, while our “Full Flexi Training Course” has hour upon hour of detailed learning taught by Mark Rugen, the worlds expert in Flexi.

In addition to eCourses, we also encourage you to join the Flexi User Community, moderated, not only by Flexi experts, but also monitored by our Adendo advisors, so you’ll get assistance from experts with a wide range of experience. Better than social media groups, members of the Flexi Community can attend our live webinars for free, download special guides and even watch training videos not available to the general public, and it’s all organized into an easy to search place where users can discuss Flexi with each other as well. Members also get major discounts on all our eCourses!

Isn’t it time you stopped wasting time searching for answers and became part of the SAi community of users & experts?